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Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director

"I am excited by the development of the Dr Toolbox. It is an excellent innovation which I feel will significantly transform the perennial issues faced by junior doctors and hospitals in general.


I am also particularly encouraged by the inclusion of patient safety as both a driving principle and an explicit consideration in the Toolbox itself. I strongly endorse this initiative and encourage you to get involved at your hospital."

Judy Crabb, Education Centre & Medical Education Manager, Dorset County Hospital, Aug 2016

"We have fully implemented toolbox and it has made a massive difference to our induction, no more reams of photocopying and have shaved hours of the induction as now all the information is in one place. Thanks for coming up with this!”

Prof. Parveen June Kumar, CBE, President of the British Medical Association in 2006, and of the Royal Society of Medicine from 2010 to 2012

"Very happy for you to say that I think it is great   -  excellent for helping best practice and good patient care. You won’t believe this but I did the first one for Bart’s (and then Bart’s and the London) ages ago on a Filofax. how things have changed!"

Dr Tash Wetherall, Nov 2016

"My name is Tash and I am a core medical trainee at Royal Bournemouth Hospital. I previously worked in Poole Hospital where I found the Dr Toolbox a godsend. A few colleagues and I are looking into providing this service for junior doctors in Bournemouth. How do we go about setting this up?"

Michael Newton, Technical Support Officer – PGME United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

"Dr's Toolbox is such a great tool, you’ve done a good job! Cheers"

Georgina Thomas, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Jul 2015

"Thought you would be pleased to know that Dr Toolbox one first prize at our local innovation awards!"

Sarah Hammond, Consultant Anaesthetist

"Massive potential... for all juniors on a firm."

Rob Bethune SpR, Surgery, Bath

"I have worked in ten hospitals in the last twelve years and none of them has had a ‘junior doctor’ guide that has really worked. The best was a paper book I had during my house job at St Mary’s when we still wore white coats and so had somewhere to put it. But even then, it was quickly out of date and we had all stopped using it by the end of three months. However, there is a real need; in the last three hospitals, I have worked at the F1s have wanted to pull together a ‘how to guide’ for the hospital. All the tricks, phone numbers and bleeps that you do not know at the start of your year but by the end you have a list so you can get things done (like how to request a PICC line, or which radiologist is best for lower GI). Then you finish your job and all that knowledge is instantly lost. I am registrar but I still set up a iPhone notes page for each new hospital I work at, I add all the useful information as I go along and at the end of the six months I have all the door codes, bleeps and names I need to do the job, and then when I finish I delete it. There is a better way – Toolbox. This is a website where you can put all the ‘how to’ information, and anyone can use it for free. A hospital specific site can be created and the doctors can add the information as they learn."

Dr Toolbox Video: What doctors and educators say

Please send us your testimonials -> mailto:support [snail] dr-toolbox [period] com.

Dr Toolbox: What doctors and educators say (Video)