This page documents the directive that allows the app to dial telephone extensions directly. If the prefix or prefixes are correctly set in the home page, say, 012345, you can simply type tel:6789 to create a link that will dial the full number 0123456789, or a user of the App can dial the full number by typing only the extension.


The directive is a bit complex to set. Don't let this impress you, you can always contact us -> mailto:support [snail] dr-toolbox [period] com and let us configure the prefix for you.


This is part of the Editing Guide.

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How to set a global telephone prefix

In the toolbox HomePage, fill in the "Telephone prefix" text field.


Add or fill in the following code adapted for your needs:


  6XXX=0123477   [238]XXX=0123488   XXXX=0123456


The different parts of the directive are as follows:

  • EXT=PREFIX are the rules, what prefix to apply to what type of extensions
  • 6XXX : any 4 digit number starting with 6, like 6543
  • [238]XXX : any 4 digit number starting with 2, 3, or 8, like 2000
  • XXXX : any 4 digit number (XXXXX : any 5 digit number, etc.)
  • =0123477 the prefix for that type of extension, eg. above for extensions of the type of 6XXX, use the prefix 0123477, ie for the extension 6543, call 01234776543.
  • -6XXX or -XXXX if an extension type is preceded by "-" (minus), then the first digit of that extension will be dropped.
  • In a text page, when an extension link is found, the above rules will be processed one after another, in the order they appear in the directive, until a rule matches the current extension, then that rule will be used for the call. So, place specific rules like 6XXX before more wide ones like XXXX.
  • Optional: for the prefix, you can use "+44" in place of the initial "0" (for the UK).

Note: to prevent false positives (times, bleeps...), all callable extensions must be preceded by "tel:".


Wait for line or pause:

  • In the prefix or in the extension, insert a comma "," for the device make one 2-second pause before dialling the rest of the number. For example, a rule XXXX=0123456, in the directive, then in any page a text tel:7890 will create an actual link tel:0123456,7890 and if the user clicks on it, the device will dial 0123456 then wait 2 seconds, then dial 7890.
  • Insert a semi-colon ";" to make the device wait for a "line in" (connection) before dialling the rest.

Please test the feature out after configuring it, as hospital extensions dialling in is not always what one would expect it to be. Ask the hospital switchboard about the rules if any doubt.