Dr Toolbox is written by its users, yes that's you!

Register as a Dr Toolbox editor using your Trust, @nhs.net or academic email Click Here.

Editors shape the content of the Toolbox at their trust. They can directly help their colleagues and play an important role in improving patient safety. Editors are responsible for keeping information relevant and up-to-date. By listening to what other readers need, they can add in new information or sections for their Toolbox specific for their hospital.

Being a good editor takes responsibility and time. However participation allows you to take part in a national Quality Improvement Project. Opportunities also exist to build research and leadership skills. All editors that have made a difference at their Trust receive a certificate confirming their participation at the end of the year.

To start a new site at your hospital

  • Recruit some co-editors to help you in this project, ideally this is normally two FY1's and 2 FY2's.
  • Liaise with the "Toolbox Champion" this is a senior clinician who will support the project at your hospital. If your hospital doesn't have one already approach a supportive Consultant. This is very important as they can provide mentoring, support and ensure continuity when you change hospital.
  • Read the editors guide.
  • Be familiar with the Conditions of use.


Dr Toolbox: Editing Step 1 (Video)

  • Once signed in as an editor you will see the edit button by each section, you can also create new sections or move them up and down.
  • Just write the text, save and the website and app will be updated.
  • Use the 'Links attached' Add links: within the website and app e.g. for a New contact or number, Attached file, Page link or External link.
  • Remember no passwords, no patient information and nothing offensive or that could lead to mistakes. Please read our Conditions of Use.
  • The Editing Guide has more detailed instructions on creating, updating and editing content and is recommended to all editors.

General Guide for implementing your Toolbox

The implementation should follow these points:

  1. Assigning roles.
  2. Baseline Survey.
  3. Collate general information.
  4. Collate survival guides.
  5. Liaise with senior consultants and IT for hyperlink on Intranet.
  6. Launch and advertising to peers.
  7. Resurvey following introduction.


  • Find the tacit knowledge in your cohort of junior doctors - how to be awesome at the job!
  • Record the best bits from hospital induction and build on them.
  • Ask your colleagues and people in the multidisciplinary team how you could be even better at the job.
  • This site is to make your life easier and helping your colleagues and making everything run smoother.
  • Implementing a Toolbox in your Trust can form part of your own Quality Improvement project. See here for a more comprehensive implementation guide to follow.
  • See also Promotional material downloads.
  • Please visit our help centre for lots of useful information.

Reviewing pages

  • As things change in hospitals we recommend each page is reviewed at least one a year. Click in the 'review' button, visible near the top of the page when signed in as an editor. This will show you a list of pages and when they were last reviewed.


Certificates are awarded in July to Lead Editors who have created or maintained a Dr Toolbox site for an academic year.

This usually required an input through the year of 1-2 hours a fortnight.

To be awarded a certificate we usually request as a minimum to ensure the success of your site:

  • That all the pages of your site at have been reviewed at least once that year
  • That your have emailed your colleagues to let them know about your site
  • You have arranged for Dr Toolbox to be included in induction
  • You have found someone to continue your work for the following year

We will try and be proactive about certificates but if you feel you are due one please get in touch to support@dr-toolbox.com and let us know what your contribution has been.


If you are doing a quality improvement project or just want to keep track of how many people are using your site please visit our statistics page. Click Here