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Publicity materials

Dr Toolbox Poster

Print this poster out and put it in the doctors mess and other places and add the generic access details.


Sir Bruce Keogh Endorsement

This is a personal endorsement of the project from the Medical Director of the NHS, which is useful to show people if they are unfamiliar with the project.

Documents for Editors

Dr Toolbox Introductory Presentation

This presentation sums up the purpose of the site and has key information and a useful timeline.


Toolbox 10 Week Guide

This is a week by week guide to setting up your site.


GMC tips for new F1s

This flyer has useful tips for new F1 doctors.


Handover Survey V2.2

This is the most up to date baseline survey, which has been standardised. It is very useful for assessing the need for the Toolbox, and can be repeated following introduction to measure the impact of your project.


Handover Survey Results Excel Proforma

This is a spreadsheet designed to ease the analysis of the handover survey.


Survival Guide Printout

This is a document to print and give to F1s/F2s at teaching to capture survival guides.


Firm Survival Guide Advice

This is an example of the information you could use to create the firm survival guides. You can email to other doctors so they write a guide. Consider printing and handing these out in teaching to catch the stragglers.

Documents for Toolbox Champions

Toolbox Champion Guide

This is a document detailing what we ask from those acting as a Toolbox Champion